What happened when Facebook and Instagram went down?

There’s lots of chatter about what on earth happened on Monday when Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp went down.  People are chatting about what they did with their time instead and lots complained about how addictive social media is ironically on twitter but what did it do for businesses and business owners?

Well it made lots of brands and entrepreneurs hastily review the ways they market their businesses and communicate with their audiences.  Lots of business owners, myself included, have probably relied a lot on just a few social media channels to drive their businesses forward whether to bring in new sales leads or just as a way to communicate with their customers.

It has made lots of us take a second look at our sales funnels, emails and other methods of communication.  It has also reminded us of the importance of backing up all our information and content somewhere other than Facebook images to make sure we have it somewhere off line too.

Yes it has given some good fodder for social media chatter for later this week with lots asking their audiences what they did during the Facebook and Instagram blackout.

Hopefully it has reminded of the important of having a strategic marketing plan that includes more than just social media marketing.  If you would like me to do a complimentary review of yours and discuss how I might be able to help you moving forward then please do email me at sarah@treecommunications.co.uk or click here to book a discovery meeting with me calendly.com/sarah-pr

Happy scrolling again!