Tree unveils workshops and courses for 2022

Tree Communications celebrates over 10 years in business this year and has unveiled plans to launch courses and workshops in 2022.

Sarah Stephens the founder of Tree Communications has worked with international brands, SMEs and entrepreneurs for over 20 years to help them grow their businesses in the UK marketplace through targeted PR and marketing. Successfully launching new brands and managing the development of brand portfolios she also lectures in marketing and works one to one with entrepreneurs.

Sarah understands that lots of people now have multiple businesses or a full time job plus a side hustle and families they have to struggle to fit a business around. Life can be tough enough without hearing about how you should be marketing your business more to drive sales. Perhaps you feel you don’t have time to spend on marketing your business or are unsure exactly what of the many things you should actually focus on?

Tree Communications have pulled together a free mini guide for Chamber members with some easy hacks to save precious time and energy with marketing. Members can download it for free here

After extensive research into what independent entrepreneurs need help with, Tree Communications are doing a Canva Basics Workshop across three half hour sessions over three days (10th, 11th and 12th January at 8.30pm). All the sessions will be recorded too and participants sent the link so they can watch it back afterwards. They will also receive a workbook too. The cost of this is discounted to £29.95 for Chamber members who book before the end of December. The link to book this is 

Tree Communications is very interested in feedback from members about what assistance and training they might need from a PR and marketing agency so they can craft courses in accordance.

Members can contact Sarah on and can also join a free group on Facebook too the link is


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