Alone on Crosby Beach, Liverpool by Sarah Stephens

Back to “Normal” whatever that really is?

So in the last few weeks my life has returned almost to a new type of normal. I know over the last 6 months we’ve all begun to attend in person events again some of us have returned to the office and others have now adopted a new hybrid style of working where we are 50/50 in person with others in an office environment and virtual via zoom at home.

Associate lecturer

For the last few years I have been an associate lecturer at MMU in various subjects including marketing and entrepreneurship. I began there lecturing face to face really enjoying the in person interaction that physical delivery gives you. When COVID suddenly hit we had to adapt and invent a new style of remote digital delivery changing lesson plans as we went. Those first 6 months of digital delivery I think we tried out every type of software available including Skype for business, Zoom and Adobe connect before ending up using Microsoft teams. So the silver lining being I can now use all of them well to present on!

These last few weeks have seen me only just return to face-to-face delivery again. I have to say initially I was a little nervous going back to in person teaching when in reality I had forgotten how much easier it actually is. In person delivery means I get to see if they have puzzled looks on their faces, if they understand they will nod along and even if they have something to say you can see it in their facial expression. Sometimes inhabiting an online world for so long we can forget not just the emotional benefits of human interaction but the ease in which communication can flow too.

From Virtual back to Reality

Yes we might have all woken up to the benefits of spending more time at home with the ability to work online but finding a balance between the two is I think important for society, our future and our natural need to connect with one another as human beings.

Let’s hope for a continued balance as we move into 2022. Extremes of anything aren’t good for anyone.

How about you?  Are you back to “normal” now? What do you think?

Please do let me know and drop me a line with any questions you may have.

Speak soon