New Biz to PR Whizz

These days’ lots of us have multiple businesses or a full time job plus a side hustle or even children they have to fit a side business around.  Life can be tough enough without hearing about how you should be marketing your business more and driving sales.  

Perhaps you feel you don’t have time to spend on marketing your business or are unsure exactly what of the many things people talk to you about you should actually focus on?  

Maybe you’ve done a course on sales, another on PR and another on branding but are unsure how it all fits together so you can utilise this knowledge to drive some real results?


What is it that will help you to drive results and more sales for your business?  Do you know?  

People may have told you that you need to do PR because PR can drive sales and raise brand awareness and it can but it is important you have all the other marketing fundamentals in place first otherwise where will you be sending people, how will the business convert and make sales?  Get these fundamentals in place then when you decide to PR your business the results will be more likely.


Lots of people talk about consistency but you need to be consistently doing the right things.  Are you?

Are you trying to implement advice you’ve been told from different experts then do it for a few weeks or months before deciding it doesn’t work then moving on to try the next bit of advice from the next expert?  

STOP I can help you to fit all the pieces of the marketing jigsaw together so you deliver real results and ensure that when you are ready to PR yourself and/or your business you have the marketing fundamentals in place to ensure your efforts deliver real sustained results.

My name is Sarah Stephens (nee Gormley) and I am a PR and marketing expert, luxury travel specialist, lecturer and advocate for life after child loss.

A PR and Marketing expert I have over 20 years experience of PR and marketing in various industries but mostly in aviation, travel and hospitality.

I am an associate lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School and wrote a sales and marketing course for them last year.  I now deliver lectures on innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship and tourism entrepreneurship for the university.

I now take all of this knowledge and use it to help independent entrepreneurs like you to do your own PR and marketing.

One size doesn’t fit all so it’s important to do what will maximise the results for you and your business and I can help you with this. Consistency is key but it is also vital that every element of your marketing strategy works together.

The course will include – 

  • Marketing and PR overview
  • How to position yourself in the marketplace
  • Branding – what is right for you
  • Marketing Strategy – what should this look like?
  • Pricing – how to determine what or how to charge?
  • Messaging – How to talk to your customers?
  • PR and social media – Deciding what will work best for you

Starting on 1st February, each session will be an hour once a week over a 6 week period. 

There will be a one week break after week 3 of the course to give time to work on some of the elements already discussed and to help minimise overwhelm (and because it’s also half term – I hear you mamas trying to juggle everything at once!)

The sessions will be recorded accessible inside your own portal and you will receive a workbook for each session too so you can make notes afterwards.  There will also be a Facebook community group set up so you can network with your fellow course mates to share ideas and insight with each other.  

This course is worth over £3,000 but as it is my Beta and so you will be my first cohort then I will be delivering it for £750.

My premium version at £850 will include a two-hour strategy session with me to talk through any questions and so I can help you with your business on a one to one.  

This is payable in full or can be separated into two monthly payments (£375 or £425)