Go from Canva Confused to a Confident Canva Creator

Signed up for and downloaded Canva because everyone recommended it to you?

Unsure now how to actually utilise it?

Do you log on and just do the same basic design because you are unsure what else you can do with it?

Sarah Stephens is a PR and marketing expert, travel specialist, lecturer and advocate for life after child loss.

A PR and Marketing expert she has over 20 years experience of PR and marketing in various industries but mostly in aviation, travel and hospitality. 

Sarah is an associate lecturer at MMU and has written a sales and marketing course for them last year.  She now delivers lectures on innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship and tourism entrepreneurship.  She’s also a mum who uses Canva to design and create birthday party invitations and thank you cards. 

I also use the software for my various businesses including reels on Instagram, Facebook posts and Instagram posts too.  I use it to produce client reports, presentations and also educational PDFs.  I can show you how you can also utilise this software to its maximum benefit.

I have spoken to lots of people about my favourite software Canva and whether they have it.  So many have said they do but are unsure of how to do certain things with it and have asked me to help them with an interactive workshop with work books so they can refer back in the future too so here it is…

A hands on practical virtual workshop delivered in three short sessions you can watch in your leisure split into three so as not to overwhelm giving you time to practice in between. 

Delivering all the basics including

  • an introduction to Canva,
  • how to set your own brand look and feel,
  • how to create content then reuse/resize it for different social media platforms including
    • facebook posts,
    • instagram posts,
    • stories
    • reels.

You also get a mini workbook as a handy guide you can work through afterwards.

“I’ve become very creative on Canva. I have played around with it before so wasn’t a complete novice, but you gave some very helpful tips which has helped me become even more confident using it.” 

Martine Sherman

These three workshops are £69.95 total for all of them with lifetime recorded access.

The VIP Easy Canva package includes a personal one to one half hour session with me where I will help you to create your own template or you can ask me for help with any aspect of Canva.  This package is available for just £89.95.

The 3 workshop sessions are available to watch anytime and each are approximately 30 minutes in length with an opportunity for Q & A afterwards if you opt for the VIP package or with the standard one you can ask questions in the facebook group.  All sessions are available to participants for life.

“I liked that the course was spread over three sessions and we produced items that we had learnt how to do. It was good practice.

Covered lots of parts of Canva well”

Laura Hirst