Icelandair Stop Over Buddy Campaign


To gain national media coverage for Icelandair in the UK and to raise awareness of the brand



Icelandair decided to ask their employees to volunteer to become ambassadors for their amazing country and to volunteer to become buddies to Icelandair passengers who wanted to have a stopover en route to North America to experience the “real” Iceland. Passengers would apply via the Icelandair website once they book their ticket and give details of their passions, hobbies and interests then if they can be matched with a suitable “buddy” they will be. The “buddy” then took them on unique experiences around Iceland so they get to experience it through a local’s eyes.

We invited UK media onto a hosted press trip to Iceland to experience a stopover of their own. We organised and matched each journalist to a stopover buddy who shared their interests so they had a perfect few days tailor made by a local and Icelandair employee. We worked with the buddies to ensure a fun, co-ordinated and action packed itinerary.


Feedback from all journalists and media taking part was amazing. They all experienced slightly different trips too which meant the editorial was of course very different even though they all flew on the same plane and stayed in the same hotel.

  • £1,721,211 media value
  • 27,986,547 OTS (opportunities to see)
  • 26 pieces of coverage
  • Exceeded KPIs by 163%
  • Social media click thrus 64,903