Finnair Local Heroes


To show Finnair in a different light and to reach a wider audience than can be achieved through conventional advertising alone in order to drive revenue.

Watch video of the case study here or read on for more information.


What we did:

To identify organisations and specifically the prominent, news-worthy individuals who rely or focus heavily on Asia for their future economic growth. Collaborate with these individuals to create Finnair “local heroes” who can bring a familiar face to the brand and drive revenue.

The two local heroes selected from a short list of 30 were entrepreneur Imran Hakim and the Royal Northern College of Music.
We; Organised photo shoot and filming of Imran Hakim in Manchester.
Arranged photo shoot and filming of RNCM in Shanghai.
Leveraged the content generated so they could be used in a 360º communications platform in bought & earned media.
Documented and showcased the “local heroes” in PR activity.
They both became brand ambassadors for the local and wider regional business community.
Deliver a high profile launch event with renowned global futurist Rohit Talwar who spoke about the importance of Asia to the UK’s future.
Formulated & implemented a media panel lunch.
Planned business events that incorporated Imran & RNCM.
Invented PR stunts to generate coverage.


  • Finnair’s total brand awareness after the campaign increased from 51 % to 64 %.
  • Market preference moved Finnair from 5th to 2nd choice for Asian flights.
  • Click through rates on adverts improved by 60%.
  • Advertising recall improved from 30% to 60%.
  • 3 International marketing communications awards won and 1 Arts & Business Cultural Branding award.
  • Sales revenue increased substantially.