Award winning Bez’s Bees campaign for The Printworks


Working alongside James Hickman at Made in Manchester Sarah delivered the communications for this event.

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Selected a celebrity ambassador who is passionate about the honeybee and the environment, which in turn would maximise media interest in the project.

The symbol of Manchester is the worker bee and the city has great musical heritage so we thought we would combine these two elements together to achieve maximum publicity for the campaign. Bez from the legendary indie band Happy Mondays and who has a personal passion for bees agreed to spearhead the campaign.

Collaborating with Manchester Cathedral and Manchester Friends of The Earth we sought out expert guidance on beekeeping with a qualified beekeeper on loan from Manchester Cathedral. Bez was responsible for adding wild flowers into the existing roof top garden to help feed the bees.

A press call with Bez was organised with great results.


  • Total PR value of over £1 million
  • Total media reach 19,898,757 (included national print, TV and radio)
  • Total ROI of 136:1
  • Unique website visitor numbers increased by 30% YOY
  • Facebook likes increased by 25% YOY
  • Twitter followers increased by 18% YOY