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Strictly Come Dancing gets help from Squash  

Rachel Riley from ‘Countdown’ and her partner Pasha Kovalev, danced a bank robber-themed quickstep to rockabilly tune Johnny Got A Boom Boom by Irish singer Imelda May. They prepared for the dance not in a dance studio with leg warmers but in a squash court playing squash.

For many the idea of squash and dancing would not strike an immediate correlation, but when you take away the first impressions of squash of two people fighting to hit a ball at a wall, you start to notice the movements of players within the court. The footwork that squash players possess is very much like that of a dancer’s while constantly battling to outwit one another with the position at which they fire the ball within the court.  They have to avoid one another and work their way elegantly round the court whilst trying to impose their dominance.

Hopefully the idea of linking squash and dancing will be more at the forefront of people’s minds and those who are curious at to what the sport of squash can offer will go to see the world’s best in Manchester on 26th October for AJ Bell World Squash Championships.

It wouldn’t have come as a huge surprise to some Strictly fans as fellow dancer Ashley Taylor Dawson of Hollyoaks who is also on the show has often talked about being a keen squash player. He may have had influence on Rachel and Pasha deciding to use squash to practice their quick step.

It is a bit of a coincidence that squash should pop its head up on a popular BBC show, with the AJ Bell World Squash Championships in Manchester just round the corner from October 26th till November 3rd perhaps someone planted the seeds of the idea?

Rachel and Pasha successfully made it through to week four of the competition, so it goes to show that a little unconventional thinking can serve you a long way. Here’s hoping their squash-playing skills will help them on their way to victory this upcoming week and maybe a win in the finale.



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