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So as one of a group of journalists gathering outside the Printworks greenroom I’m waiting for my chance to interview Fyfe Dangerfield the brain child and front man of indie/jazz/rock band the Guillemots. The man with arguably one of the most rock n roll names in, well rock’n’roll.  

There's a nervous tension in the air one that can only be found when interviewing such a cool named band frontman. I enter the room, eyes scanning in search of the impressive Ryder. I'm expecting to see fountains of champagne, canisters of Nepalese air purifying the room, circus animals, half naked dancing girls, PA's bowing and scraping to the mans every whim, whilst he paces the floor drinking and shouting obscenities. Instead I am greeted by a guy in his 40's on a laptop, Aristazabal Hawkes (bassist) rolling a cigarette and the man himself adorned in green Parker jacket, ripped at the knee jeans, white loafer style shoes and the bounciest, shiniest tousled hair in the whole kingdom topped off with a big welcoming grin.

Fyfe is bouncing around the room at this point making last minute adjustments to his set, making sure the tech guy (on laptop) has the chime noises and poem he wants fading over the top of one of his songs. He's extremely polite and apologetic in keeping us waiting whilst he literally hops from one foot to the other impatiently trying to make last minute tweaks to what is to be the launch gig for his mammoth 4 album releases in 2012.

He gets sorted and sits down with us for a chat all the while flicking about his lustrous locks. We ask him why four albums in one year? He explains to us the concept of an album per season. The band has been holed up in Norway for some time recording the songs in privately peaceful surroundings. Fyfe explains the summer inspired records were the easiest to write with the constant daylight up in Norway at present. We talk about his unusual musical style and ask if he uses this to challenge the listener, he is quite adamant that the sole purpose for his art is to create music that people enjoy listening to and nothing more. He explains he doesn't pigeonhole music into genres, be it indie or pop, but states; “music is music regardless and is there to be enjoyed.” His style is to try and convey a feeling through his Art/music or "whatever you want to call it".

I’m disappointed to find that he's very likeable, warm and a bit preppy, his enthusiasm and down to earth style is refreshing and we find ourselves naturally chatting about my beloved Manchester and the fantastic music that has been produced here over the years. Fyfe confesses he hasn't spent much time here but admits he is really impressed with our architecture and loves the fact we mix the old and new so well up here, comparing us to London who don't fare so well in his opinion for turning every old building into a gastro pub. He mentions his walk (walk, no limo?) to the gig passing pubs from the 1700's and crossing the street to enter the Printworks with the new and impressive Hard Rock Cafe (pats on the back all round to the town planners!) ... still no diva-ish demands are made and I have to accept that Fyfe is a cool in different way (your gran would love him!). When asked his favourite line from one of his songs he quotes from new track “Fleet” with the line "go get amazed by the day" and he's hoping to inspire this attitude through his music, bless him!!  

We then leave him to his last minute preparations and watch the gig ourselves.  His stage presence is impressive and the crowd warm to him as we did. The new songs have that quality of expression to be expected from the Guillemots and he throws in a few old favourites to keep us happy (which by this point we are). Glances round the venue, show smiles and faces of good times being had by all. Midway through the gig Fyfe seems to realise what outfit he's wearing and apologises for not making more of an effort. He states "it's been a while since I've been on stage" and the crowd laugh along merrily carried away by this truly charming, musically gifted chap whose sole purpose is to make his listeners ears happy which he certainly did … smiling yet Manchester? He hopes so!

By Amy Wild


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